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Welcome to the Creation Template energy therapy website.


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Healing Sessions can be received in person or at a distance.

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Latest News - Upcoming Workshops

Training courses in Creation Template provide an understanding of your energetic psychology and equip you with energetic tools to facilitate healings for yourself and others. The training courses empowers you to live from a place of mastery in the now and realigns you with your own awakened authentic Self.


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Creation Template energy therapy is an energetic healing system, which draws on energy channelling, chakra balancing, intuitive psychology, and awakening consciousness.


It offers an opportunity to unlock and release limiting beliefs and thought patterns held deeply within our subconscious. 


Creation Template enables us to heal issues and patterns held in your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies, helping us re-gain our natural balance, our purpose and realign with our authentic Self - our pure potential.


'Creation Template is a personal journey into freedom - heal your life, change your core beliefs and create your reality'.

Creation Template  Energy Therapy