“I first heard of Creation Template four years ago at a time when I felt stuck and was aware that I wasn’t happy with myself. I have since completed the first two levels. Creation Template gave me tools to transform some of the core beliefs I had held about myself that stopped me from realising my goals. Creation Template is a journey of self discovery and healing, it is a path that enabled me to make heart connections with others and heal from this place. It has helped me to accept myself for who I am. I feel awake to life now. I know the pure potential and freedom of living from the truth of who I really am and am honoured to have been in the presence some wonderful and inspiring teachers.”

Jacintha – Writer

Testimonials from Workshop Participants



“After completing the Level one Creation Template over a year ago, I am amazed at how much of a shift I am still experiencing. The depth of transformation has gone far beyond my expectation. I feel, I see and I experience life with more awareness and connection than I ever imagined. I have explored many holistic and complementary therapies, but Creation Template goes beyond my experience with any of them. The initial days of the course, I was aware of how much was shifting, but in the weeks and months following, the fact that this embodiment and absorption was still happening and IS still happening is amazing. I look forward to even more exploration and connection with Creation Template in the future.”

Jen - Dancer

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“The Creation Template courses are a completely transforming experience. You delve into places of your being that have possibly never been accessed before. This leaves you with a new perspective on life, allowing for a deeper connection to everything that is. The workshops are so inspiring & uplifting. I am eternally grateful & look forward to continuing my studies with it.”

Lynn – Yoga teacher


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