Level 1 - Pure Potential (3 Day Workshop)


Teaches the basics of our energy system within our being – ego development, the chakra system and how to interact with the consciousness of spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects of yourself. It gives a practical tool of diagnosing with a pendulum and attuning you to your intuition. It enables you to interact with the web of creation, teaching you how to connect with and touch divine creation webbing and templates, to clear core fears, limiting beliefs and blind spots in our subconscious, facilitating healings for yourself and others, and realigning us to our pure potential.

There are 5 Levels of Creation Template energy therapy training workshops, each deepening and broadening the awareness, skills and ability of the practitioner.


Each class consists of either a 3 or 4 day non-residential training workshop, made up of teaching and energetic healing transmissions.


Workshop spaces are Limited, please contact us to reserve a space.


Download a full schedule of workshop dates, costs and details here.


Schedule of Upcoming Workshops 2018:


Level 1 - Pure Potential 


Date: Friday 11th-Sunday 13th November 

Location: Donnybrook, Dublin 4, Ireland

Teacher: Helen Cantrell



Level 2 - Divine Design 


Date: TBC

Location: Dublin, Ireland 

Teacher: Kay Gilliland



Level 3 - Homoluminous 


Date: TBC

Location: Dublin,, Ireland 

Teacher: Kay Gilliland



Level 4 - Mastery


Date: October 2018 (Dates TBC) 

Location: Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland 

Teacher: Anja Huikeshoven



Level 5 - God Self


Date: Saturday 2nd - Monday 4th June  

Location: Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Teacher: Anja Huikeshoven



Date: Friday 18th-Monday 21st March

Location: Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland 

Teacher: Kay Gilliland

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Creation Template  Energy Therapy

Level 2 - Divine Design (4 Day Workshop)


Teaches you to shift consciousness without channelling, work more deeply on physical symptoms, learn and work with the energetics of the brain. Working directly from creation consciousness, this level allows you to truly see illusion, collapse limiting realities and return to the original blueprint of light, the divine design and divine DNA. It ripens and awakens your own inner teacher and this consciousness gives you the personal authority to heal hidden unconscious patterns. It aligns you with your inner compass to help you navigate life from your highest Self. It cuts through all illusion and gives you the freedom to really be in the now. 

Level 3 - Homoluminous (4 Day Workshop)


Enhancing the tools of the previous workshops, there is a deepening of the awakening of your own true Self and an ability to do multi-facetted, multi-dimensional healings that can run over time. There is an activation and teaching of working with the higher chakras, sacred geometry and embodying light. This class provides a deep clearing of consensus reality and collective beliefs allowing you to open to embrace the freedom, natural joy and flow of life. 

Level 4 - Mastery (4 Day Workshop)


This workshop allows the practitioner to heal from the place of Awakened consciousness, witnessing and dissolving core issues, coping mechanisms, energetic contracts and limiting beliefs. Anchoring you in the knowing of your own Self-mastery, this training workshop brings immense freedom and empowerment.

Level 5 - God Self (3 Day Workshop)


This class teaches you to live from the God Self, that superconsciousness inherent in the essence of your being, in the present moment. This increases creativity and inspiration. You learn to realign yourself with the highest reality in the Now, and to release the contracts that keep you in a reality that is of a lower consciousness. This allows translates to the healing aspect, achieving very fast and profound results.